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Your Guide to Summer Beauty Treatments

The Treatment: Hair-Smoothing Service

Why you need it: Unlike a keratin hair treatment, which completely straightens your natural hair texture, an in-salon hair-smoothing treatment has just one goal: to give you glossy, healthy hair. It won’t necessarily alter your texture, but it’ll fight frizz and amp up shine.

When to do it: Book this treatment in May, since the results last longer than most beauty treatments. You should be good until September.

How often you need it: Every four to six months.

Get the best results: Use sulfate-free shampoos post-treatment to ensure the results last.

The Treatment: Leg Wax

Why you need it: Sundresses, shorts, swimsuits: Summer is peak leg season. You could shave your legs every single day, or you could just get them waxed, which keeps them smooth and stubble-free for weeks on end. Do the math and, well, let’s just say waxing saves a lot of time.

Another bonus? Waxing doubles as extra exfoliation; it removes dead skin cells along with hair, and leaves skin even softer.

When to do it: Start growing your leg hair out in early May—ideally, when you still plan to be wearing pants. You need your hair to be a quarter-inch long before waxing.

How often you need it: Every three to four weeks, though the exact timing of re-growth depends on the person.

The Treatment: Gel Manicure

Why you need it: A gel manicure means no chipped nails in your vacation pics. Gritty sand and salt water can be harsh on nails, meaning your usual DIY manicure won’t stand a chance against a weekend at the beach.

When to do it: Up to one week before you’re set to pack your bags and turn on your OOO. That way, you won’t risk your nails (and the polish) growing out or the polish peeling, which defeats the purpose.

How often you need it: Every two weeks max.

Get the best results: Don’t be too hard on your nails if you can avoid it. For example, wear gloves when washing dishes—or, better yet, make your bae soak and scrub.

The Treatment: Brow Wax

Why you need it: Frowning into a magnifying mirror while tweezing your eyebrows for an hour is just not a good way to spend a summer Friday. Brow shaping is best left to a professional.

When to do it: Whenever your brows need a little TLC. Since the surrounding area can be a little red for up to three days after a wax, plan ahead to make sure you won’t have to pile on concealer before, say, your BFF’s wedding.

How often you need it: About every three weeks, which keeps appointments short and sweet

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